Are you feeling burned out—fatigued by family obligations or buried under the burden of work? Before your feet even hit the floor in the morning, are you defeated by deadlines and worn down by the worry of keeping all of life’s balls in the air?


Or are you feeling rusted out—merely marking time in your relationships, spiritual life or work? Do you put life on hold until “someday”—the weekend, vacation, end of semester or retirement and dig your routines into a rut?


You were not designed to live this way! You have gifts to give, family to love and dreams to live. You were created to learn and grow, not to replicate and repeat. What if you could not only live each day, but really live it—and love it?


Fully Engaged is an exciting action plan that helps you identify your passions and realign your talents, work, relationships and day-to-day activities. Weaving together lively, personal stories with targeted practices, global life-planner John Busacker’s essential message of engagement empowers you to:


  • Streamline your personal commitments
  • Say “NO” to the peripheral
  • Say “YES” to your passions


Includes life-planning exercises and action steps to fully engage with life.