There are times when reading a book just isn’t enough. Sometimes it takes community to create courageous action, stories to stimulate creative thought and humor to infuse hope into uncertainty.

John Busacker weaves together poignant personal examples, compelling stories, insightful observations and a healthy dose of humor to inspire audiences with a renewed sense of hope and a deeper commitment to live fully engaged lives. Whether your goal is to engage leaders, move a whole community to act or to address a specific life or business issue, John can design a compelling keynote or program to meet the needs of your audience.


  • John has spoken to groups on 6 continents ranging in size from 25 to 5,000 participants
  • His speaking style is inspiring, interactive and rich with practical examples
  • His speaking consistently receives the highest marks from audiences worldwide





"John was engaged, spirited and seemingly enmeshed with our culture, and values. Thank You!"

— Jamila – Organizational vales event, Atlanta

"I was empowered on all sorts of levels by the experience this week. John was extremely positive and uplifting."

— Merv – Global leadership conference, Shanghai

"John’s presentation was the most substantive and deeply spiritual we had at the conference."

— John – Leadership breakfast, Minneapolis

"Thanks for the day of stretching, reflection, and visioning for a more engaged journey ahead. I feel renewed in my mission and calling."

— Jack – Leadership retreat, Seattle

"This was life-changing for me! Thank you for the ideas that I am already implementing and for your great presentation."

— Lisa – National sales meeting, Minneapolis

"John told real stories and added great humor all to remind us of what this business is all about—helping people."

— Kristin – National sales meeting, Atlanta