Sometimes Ignorance is Bliss


I just returned from 2 weeks in Ethiopia and Kenya. The next several blog entries are observations, learning and Holy Spirit moments from my time there. 



Vignette #1—from the pilot before we pushed back on the initial flight from Minneapolis to Amsterdam:


“We have finished loading the baggage but are waiting to push back as we are taking on a little more potted water for the toilets and coffee service.”


Vignette #2—from the pilot as we sat on the tarmac in Khartoum:


“Please leave your seatbelt unbuckled and the aisles clear as we are taking on a little more fuel for our flight to Addis Ababa. We may need to make a sudden evacuation.”


Sometimes ignorance is bliss!


I would call the first of these a ”learning” as I committed not to drink coffee on the flight to Amsterdam, and the second a “Holy Spirit moment”, as I significantly upped my prayers in Khartoum with the pilot’s inspiration.


DO less. BE more.