Title and content are customized for every presentation.

  • Keynote presentations (45-90 minutes)
  • Half of full-day seminars or workshops
  • Weekend retreats


TITLE: FULLY ENGAGED: How to DO less and BE more

You can’t give away what you don’t have. The energy to effectively lead others requires you to be fully engaged yourself. This inspiring keynote or workshop introduces the essentials of creating personal engagement and practical rituals for blending the often-competing demands of work, life and relationships.

As a result of this presentation, participants will:


  • Learn simple practices for consistently living a Fully Engaged life
  • Renew their sense of passion for life, work and faith
  • Learn how to effectively blend often-competing demands of life and work


Optional takeaways: Fully Engaged: How to DO less and BE more book, Calling Cards®


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TITLE: 8 Questions God Can’t Answer

If God knows everything, how come he asks so many questions? Jesus’ primary teaching style was to ask questions, tell stories and perform miracles. This presentation explores Jesus’ provocative questions that have the power to powerfully guide our life and work decisions today. Learn how to lead with questions.

As a result of this presentation, participants will:


  • Apply Jesus’ questions to everyday life and work decisions
  • Experience a faith that is courageous and action-oriented
  • Learn to live more comfortably in uncertainty


Optional takeaways: 8 Questions God Can’t Answer book and study guide