What Are You Carrying?

I just returned from 2 weeks in Ethiopia and Kenya. The next several blog entries are observations, learning and Holy Spirit moments from my time there. 



We all shoulder a load.


For some, it is relatively light—an easy burden that allows them to remain nimble on their feet and quick to respond to the tug and calling of the Spirit. This might be by virtue of wise choices or truly a blessing of circumstance.


Others are bowed under the stress of personal, financial, physical, professional or spiritual burdens that threaten to crush their soul or rob them of the joy of daily life. This may be the consequence of poor decisions made over years or an affliction destined to instill patience and perseverance.


I saw this young woman the first day in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her daily routine is to climb Intoto, a steep mountain on the edge of the city, cut wood, then shoulder her load all the way back down into the city for sale. Her reward for a day’s work is 20 cents and the opportunity to repeat the task the next day.


When you look closely at her, you see a fierce resolve to keep moving forward under a burden unimaginable to most of us accompanied by a deep weariness that belies her young age.


What about you?


Does your load allow you to remain light on your feet and supple to the Spirit’s summoning or are you staggering under its weight?  Do you have a fierce resolve to continue moving forward or has the daily climb up and run down the mountain worn you out?


Look closely. Does the young woman on Intoto remind you of you? She is not blessed with an abundance of options to live differently. You may be.


It might be time to set something down—to unload your energy-sapping worry, fierce independence or self-defeating financial foolishness. Or, it might just be time to unload your job, false religion or physical routine.


What are you carrying?


DO less. BE more